At Round Table Design, our Architectual Department takes pride in their ability to respond quickly to our clients' needs and to complete challenging projects.


Church Facilities
Along with providing services for many church congregation clients our firm also assists the Carpenters for Christ with design and construction drawings on their projects.

Commercial / Industrial
Round Table Design performs a variety of design work for our industrial clients from building additions to pipe trestles. These clients include Continental Tire in Mt. Vernon, Illinois, and Nascote Industries in Nashville, Illinois. Commercial / Industrial
Our team surveyed, assisted with the design, created the construction drawings, and provided construction inspections for the 41,000 sq. ft. addition to Continental Tire.
This rooftop passage connects two third story levels of the Continental Tire facility by crossing above an existing two story part of the factory - quite a design challenge.

Round Table Design, Inc. has a strong relationship with clients that are involved in education. Several members of our firm have helped with the design of new schools along with additions and renovations of existing schools. Our personnel have also performed life safety surveys and a variety of inspections required for schools.

Our team at Round Table Design believes there are no standard solutions to a school design regardless of the size or budget. Each project must be viewed as unique in order to meet the needs of the particular client. The complex non-uniform features of a school may include multi-use spaces, the gymnasium, media center, cafeteria, music rooms, and vocational shops. Each of these spaces require a thorough process of working with all school personnel on the early stages of the design process.

Our philosophy is that even the smallest renovation or addition deserves careful and insightful design consideration.

Historic Restoration
Our Firm has the knowledge and experience to renovate/restore the prestigious older buildings sprinkled throughout the Midwest.
This older home is now the McCoy Library located in Southern Illinois. Round Table Design, Inc. has assisted with the application paperwork and prepared drawings for several repairs on this stately building that was built in 1884.

Our firm has provided design services for several medical facilities including two projects involving magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The Rejuvenation center located in Mt. Vernon was designed and drawn by our staff.
The corner addition to the brick Orthopedic Center now houses their MRI machine. It was a design-build project in which we had to follow G.E.'s 200 page booklet of specifications.

Residential / Housing
Round Table Design, Inc. has designed and drawn construction documents for an apartment complex here in Mt. Vernon and would be happy to assist clients that want to build their dream home.