Kevin L. Phillips, P.E., L.S.
Mr. Phillips was co-founder of Round Table Design, Inc. and presently serves as president of the corporation and Managing Agent in charge of Land Surveying and Professional Engineering activities. His engineering experience encompasses a wide variety of projects including: municipal water distribution expansions, municipal waste water collection extensions, street design, commercial site design, drainage studies and design, structural inspections and design, land surveying, specification writing, proposals, estimating, construction observation and management of projects.




Mark Beimfohr
Architectural Intern
Mr. Beimfohr is a 2002 Graduate of Southern Illinois Universities' Architecture Department and a 2004 Graduate of the University of Utah where he earned a Masters of Architecture. Responsibilities include meeting with the client to learn their needs, site investigation, programming, schematic and conceptual design, interior and exterior design drawings, material specifications, construction drawings, and any other need of the client. Marks favorite is the restoration of older buildings.


Jon Miller
Architectural Project Manager
Mr. Miller works in the Architectural Department for Round Table Design specializing in Architectural projects, construction inspections, and general drafting. Duties associated w/ Architectural design include the design of commercial, industrial, and residential buildings, specification manuals, construction inspections, and project management. Duties associated with structural design include the design of building foundations, structural steel frame buildings, and structural inspections ranging from foundations for residences to complete steel structures. His other responsibilities include being in contact with clients throughout projects, keeping Architectural aides busy, and assist in scheduling field inspection work that is performed.




John Peradotti, P.E., S.E.
Structural Engineer
Mr. Peradotti has over 20 years of experience working as a project/design engineer and also as a cheif structural engineer. His ecperience includes structural and hydraulic design of bridges, designing structures for utility plants, industrial buildings and pumping stations. He has ectensive experience preparing plans, specifications, permits, and residential damage evaluations. As chief structural engineer his responsibilities include planning and design for building structures, roadway structures and other projects. He graduated in 1990 from the University of Illinois with a B.S. in Civil Engineering (Structural).


William L. Lewis
Civil Engineering
Engineering responsibilities includes commercial, industrial, and municipal design projects.  Autodesk Civil 3D is used in the design and drafting of projects.  Duties associated with Civil Engineering include the design of storm sewers, detention basins, sanitary sewers, lift stations, water mains, booster pump stations, storage tanks, roadway design, sidewalks, MFT work, drainage studies, utility layout, parking lot layout, pavement sections, proposed grades, IDOT entrance permits, NOI permits, SWPPPs, construction documentation / inspection / staking, and grant applications.


Marshall Davis, S.I.T.
Land Surveyor Intern
Mr. Davis is a 2010 graduate from Southern Illinois University with a Bachelor’s in Technical Resource Management, specializing in Land Surveying.  He is licensed as a Land Surveyor-in-Training and joined RTD in 2012. His responsibilities include:  Communication with clients; Prepare Estimates and Proposals;  Perform Courthouse research;  Perform Field Work; Write legal descriptions;  Draw Plats using Civil 3D, Keep our Survey Records updated, Attend necessary meetings; Care for and calibration of Surveying Equipment. His experience includes:  Subdivisions, ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys, Boundary Surveys, Topographic Surveys, and Engineering As-Built Surveys; Construction Staking


Kristin Phillips
Office Manager
Ms. Phillips' duties include Human Resources, day to day operations, Marketing, Accounting, Office Manegment, Grant Administration, and Public Relations.