Our Civil Engineering Department has an abundant amount of knowledge and experience in many areas of transportation facilities in the residential, commercial, and municipal sectors.


Our Transportation Services include:

  • Transportation
    -Roads & Streets
    -Intersection Design
    -IDOT Entrances
    -R.O.W. and Easement Services

  • Comercial & Residential Site Planning & Design
    -Subdivision Design & Platting
    -Strip Malls
    -Feasability & Site Selection Studies
    -Cost Estimates
    -Parking Lots

  • Storm Water
    -Flood Control & Protection
    -Erosion Prevention & Sediment Control
    -Hydraulic Analysis
    -Distribution Design
    -Dam Design
    -Detention Basins
    -Below Grade Detention Basins
    -Strom Water Pollution Prevention Plans

  • Other
    -Construction Observation / Inspection
    -Construction Staking
    -MFT Work
    -Contract & Bidding Preparation
    -Concrete Testing Services


We also provide assistance for local governments in regards to applying/seeking for financial assistance such as:

  • DCEO grants
  • Member Initiave grants
  • Rural Development Loans
  • IEPA Loans